Project Management

We’re always amazed at the trust procurement departments place on vendors to provide fabricated items without placing third party inspection or expediting during the build.


Too often it’s a sorry tale of late delivery and poor quality that only reveals itself too late or in service.


Axiom can work with Clients to ensure items are ordered against fair and sensible specifications (yes, we can write bespoke specifications for the item being ordered).

We then provide a Project Manager to ensure the specification is followed and other key deliverables and process are carried out:

  • Vendor audits and approvals
  • Regular progress meetings and production of minutes
  • Quality test plans
  • Vendor drawings and calculations review
  • Manufacturing programme
  • Approval of weld procedures
  • 3rd party inspection and witness of testing
  • Supply of data books


Getting us involved up-front to discuss ‘what should be done’ is far more cost effective than bringing us in to say ‘what should have been done.’