Shipping & Ports

From ship owners and operators across the globe, to port operators and waterway management groups in the UK, Axiom have been engaged to assist a number of companies in this sector.


From the analysis of failures in ship impellors and even hulls, to other port assets such as lock gates and ship unloaders, Axiom have proved to be a useful resource for clients seeking to understand the condition and longevity of their assets.


Inspection, material selection, mechanical design and fitness for purpose all have a role to play in the ongoing asset integrity of shipping and port facilities, whether above, at or below the water line and whether on-shore or on ship locations.

With exposure to the harsh, salty environment of coastal locations, assets are inherently at risk. Our corrosion testing facilities can provide an insight to material performance using accelerated testing techniques, before costly investments are made.


Knowledge and understanding of an asset’s performance before it is even made can be the difference between success and failure. Axioms experience and expertise in achieving this understanding means clients can be assured that the assets they are investing in will serve them well into the future.


Our unique combination of materials and corrosion engineering, mechanical engineering, inspection using a risk based approach and practical knowledge and experience puts us in pole position when it comes to understanding issues, finding pragmatic solutions and ensuring long, safe and successful service from your storage facilities.

Based in the process industry heartland of Teesside, England, Axiom have been closely linked with a range of marine based companies. With our innovative approach to our services, we support clients on a regional, national and international basis.


Expertise: Our combination of support provides a joined up asset management and integrity service.

Value: We value long term relationships, and price our support accordingly.

Understanding: We take time to fully comprehend the situation and the condition of equipment before making recommendations.


To get a better understanding of the potential benefits of our services, please follow the link below to see our ever growing portfolio of case studies.


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