The pharmaceutical industry is dependent on the plant and equipment involved being efficient and productive, and maintained to ensure the quality and appearance of the product is not jeopardised.


Maintaining plant and equipment, particularly those assets identified as critical, is vital to continuity and management of performance.


Loss of key assets in the production plant can lead to costly downtime, poor productivity and efficiency and potential quality problems associated with stop/start processes. Even relatively simple things like tablet coating polishing machines can have an adverse effect on perceived quality if the internals are not maintained, deterioration leading to marks on the otherwise pristine coatings.


Other aspects, such as PSSR compliance, can be overlooked due to simply not knowing rather than anything deliberate, but still result in undue attention from the enforcing authorities.


All of these can lead to an adverse performance in terms of profitability. Being familiar with these pitfalls allows us to guide our clients to the situation where the authorities are happy things are being done correctly and safely, thereby reducing visits and associated costs.


Through engaging with Axiom, our clients in this sector have enjoyed the reassurance of key assets being proactively maintained, leading to enhanced performance – whether measured by profitability or in terms of efficiency and productivity.

Expertise:  Our combination of support provides a joined up asset management and integrity service.

Value:  We value long term relationships, and price our support accordingly.

Understanding:  We take time to fully comprehend the situation and the condition of equipment before making recommendations. 


To get a better understanding of the potential benefits of our services, please follow the link below to see our ever growing portfolio of case studies.


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