Pressure Equipment Inspections

Pressure Equipment Inspections



Axiom carries out in-service inspection of process equipment to meet the requirements of the Pressure Systems Safety Regulations 2000 (PSSR) for Major, Intermediate and Minor pressure systems. We have UKAS accreditation (Certificate 390) for:


  • Development & Certification of Written Schemes of Examination (WSEs)
  • In-service inspection
  • Inspection of repairs and modifications.
  • Non Destructive Testing (NDT) techniques MPFD, DPFD, MFL, ECFD and USTT


 We develop focused WSEs that identify how equipment will fail and the corrosion mechanisms that will lead to the failure. By risk-ranking each identified deterioration mechanism we can establish the surveillance needed to mitigate the anticipated failure mechanism. This means that inspection workload and intervals are optimised.



Many of our Inspectors have NDT qualifications so we can carry out the NDT whilst carrying out the inspection work so instead of paying an hourly rate for an inspector and an NDT technician, most of the inspection activities can be carried out by the Inspector.


 We have comprehensive mechanical and materials engineering back up so the continued fitness for service of deteriorating equipment can be established during the examination process.



All our inspection data is available over the internet, this allows you to access your records from anywhere and search your records google-style. We also give you the facility to trend NDT data.


You can submit your own records online as well as signing off documentation using a digital signature, these options has proved very popular with our customers.