Maximising Assets, Minimising Risks

Maximising Assets, Minimising Risks


The biggest fear for any manager responsible for critical assets in a factory, refinery, depot or other location, has to be that of a disaster.


From ruptured tanks and leaking bunds to pump failure or other downtime, the consequences of a serious failure of asset integrity can be horrendous; lost time and production can run into hundreds of thousands of pounds.


A leak of the wrong chemical can present a major risk to public safety as well as to the environment. Repeating failures can cause damage and lost time if not managed correctly and yet many companies still opt for the “reactive” approach to inspecting, testing and managing the condition of their major assets. 


At Axiom, we have developed a comprehensive asset management system.

This allows our customers to move from a reactive philosophy to one of control through an active program of prevention – inspecting , testing and condition monitoring according to a bespoke schedule.


From global clients with their own bespoke licensed systems to our more local clientele who share the core system design, Axiom enable key operational managers to view the condition, the schedule and risks among their plant and equipment and ensure that maintenance and testing regimes can be followed according to performance and risk levels.

This means that resources can be assigned to the highest risk components. 


The program includes inspection (if needed), reporting and generation of management information, that can be used in preparing investment cases, budgets and long term plans for sites.


Isn’t it time to control your assets, before they control you?