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The condition of process equipment and assets (e.g. tanks, pipelines, vessels) is critical in many industries, and yet maintenance is often driven top down, rather than bottom up, driven by the condition of the assets themselves. Axiom has a three step system to ensure the integrity and condition of assets, so that they can play their part in delivering product “right first time, every time”.


1. Inspection and testing. To manage the assets and equipment you have proactively, you need to understand the condition now. Through a systematic approach, we can inspect and record the condition of your assets, and also train your own staff in the techniques involved, so that a degree of self-sufficiency is obtained in this arena.


2. Preventative Maintenance. From the results of the inspection, you will be able to use the asset condition to plan and prioritise maintenance according to a range of factors, including asset importance, cost of replacement and other considerations. Using a comprehensive database of asset management, showing condition, inspection records and recommendations, you will be able to pull together meaningful, relevant and efficient maintenance plans, thus avoiding the annual debate over maintenance and capital budgets!!


3. Monitoring & predictive modelling. As the squeeze continues, our clients across all sectors are looking at options for changing process conditions, including temperatures and pressures as well as often introducing new materials to the tanks, pipelines and pumps in their factories. Naturally, such changes in use can lead to increased stress on the assets, and can alter asset condition and risks quickly. We use a range of techniques, from FEA and creep life analysis, to corrosion testing and simulation modelling to assess the likely impact of changes on asset condition. Backed up with regular inspection and testing, this can avoid costly downtime and unplanned disasters.


Enhanced asset maintenance and condition monitoring will lead to efficiency and productivity, as well as product quality and plant safety. When it comes to maintenance, we can provide a value added approach to preventative maintenance that can keep you one step ahead of the competition, and contribute to enhancing product and business performance.pharma2


The decision to adopt this approach, and enjoy the benefits, lies with you, the expertise lies with us. For more information, please contact Nicola Humble at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., or via 01642 732745.