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7 Steps to Effective Asset & Risk Management

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SiteThe effects of poor maintenance and management of vessels, pipes, pumps and other assets can be devastating, if not disastrous for plant operators. The risk of critical asset failure include personal safety, environmental disaster and significant detriment to company image and profitability. Taking short cuts in maintenance and management of plant may lead to short term gain, but at the significant risk of long term 'pain'. Axiom Engineering offer integrated inspection and engineering services to help clients keep their plants in a safe operational condition. We have pulled together a 7 step guide for plant operators to consider....

Reliability, performance and profitability – the role of maintenance in business performance!!

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You may be operating an energy generation plant and seeking ways to maximise output from your assets. You may be designing and building wind turbines, or investigating failures in such equipment. You might be processing waste water or managing other aspects of the waste stream. One thing you all have in common – a desire to keep your plant running at its designed capacity and capability. At Axiom Engineering, we have assisted a range of clients in this sector over the years and utilise a three pronged approach to asset integrity and management.

Asset Management – ensuring the integrity of your tanks and assets.

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bulkUnderstanding and maintaining the condition of your tanks is crucial to plant performance and the profitability of your business. Integrity, reliability and assurance are a necessity for a safe and efficient operation, providing peace of mind for your customers. Axiom’s three pronged approach to asset & risk management ensures asset utilisation is maximised and the risks are minimised....

“Right First Time, Every Time”...delivering reliability and quality through proactive asset management.

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pharmaMany industries like to use process control and quality monitoring to ensure product consistency and reliability. In the pharmaceutical sector, the need for reliability is absolute, and this is driven by a range of operating factors, from the competence and training of staff, through to the computer control of process steps. Maintenance also plays an important part, but is often overlooked when assessing the causes of quality issues or product failures...