Renewable Energy

Renewable Energy

The renewable energy sector covers a broad range of technologies, from incineration of waste materials to harvested fuels to natural sources.


Working with a number of clients, Axiom has experience in all of these areas, including technical support to energy from waste municipal incinerator plants, biofuel production, anaerobic digester plants, wood chipping and wood burning plants and wind farms. We are looking forward to engaging with geothermal technologies in the near future.


Each of these technologies comes with their own challenges, which Axiom has helped in understanding, explaining and resolving. Plant reliability has increased, maintenance costs are reduced and failures are far less common.

By being involved with and utilising the combined experience of many small companies, Axiom has become a leading light in supporting these green industries.


Whether you're making biofuels or burning waste, harvesting wind power or burning scrap timber, we can help you with resolving your corrosion, materials engineering, mechanical engineering and/or inspection related issues.


Our unique combination of materials and corrosion engineering, mechanical engineering, inspection using a risk based approach and practical knowledge and experience puts us in pole position when it comes to understanding issues, finding pragmatic solutions and ensuring long, safe and successful service from your storage facilities.

Based in the process industry heartland of Teesside, England, Axiom have diversified successfully into a range of sectors, and now provide specialist engineering and inspection services to a range of clients working in the renewable energies sector.


Expertise:  Our combination of support provides a joined up asset management and integrity service.

Value:  We value long term relationships, and price our support accordingly.

Understanding:  We take time to fully comprehend the situation and the condition of equipment before making recommendations.


To get a better understanding of the potential benefits of our services, please follow the link below to see our ever growing portfolio of case studies.


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