Inspection & Spark Testing of Rubber Linings

Inspection & Spark Testing of Rubber Linings

About the course:

A short course (3-4 hours) that provides an insight into how to test rubber linings, when to test them and why they need testing, explaining the differences between AC and DC spark testing, when it is appropriate to use each, and when it is not.  Also comparing the benefits and drawbacks of probes vs brushes, the aim is to explain to those who may be doing, witnessing or requesting spark testing to understand the importance of the equipment used.

We cover in detail the best methods of testing using spark testers, as well as the importance of hardness testing, hardness scales and hardness testers. We go on to looking at when it is appropriate to carry out spark testing, both during initial lining and for in service linings. And finally we look at common problems encountered and what to do to avoid / overcome them.

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  • Tuesday 18th April 2017
  • Thursday 12th October 2017


  • £250 



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