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Storage Tank Case Study

Posted in Environmental, Process, Marine

“Fit for Purpose” investigation saves client over £1.5m

Axiom was asked to look at a storage tank facility that was originally designed to code for storing oil-based products but was now holding hazardous chemical materials.

The Health and Safety Executive had raised a concern about suitability for purpose of the tanks as a result of the significant product change.

The site had 35 tanks in total and if the storage strategy was flawed the replacement costs were in excess of £1.5m.

Axiom was invited to consider whether the tanks were structurally fit for purpose and embarked on a series of calculations that included consideration of wind loading data, tank filling and emptying cycles, codal calculations and in-house finite element analysis work.

The resultant assessment by Axiom demonstrated that with minor on-site modifications on tank supports and limits on product fill heights within the storage tanks then the tanks were fit for purpose.

The cost of this work for the client was around £10,000 but mitigated over £1.5m replacement costs


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