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Heat Exchanger Case Study

Posted in Environmental, Manufacturing, Process, Marine

Heat Exchanger Analysis saves client £100,000 in extended lifetime

Axiom was invited to investigate the condition of 4 heat exchanges that were recognised to be operating beyond the original design life set by code.

The immediate capital impact of the replacement of the units was in excess of £100,000 and the client was keen to establish if there was still useful and safe operating life remaining within the units.

Axiom was commissioned to conduct a life review by examining the past thermal history and specific operating conditions of the units. This was completed over a period of 6 weeks using a combination of site testing and laboratory analysis at a service cost of £8,000.

The resulting conclusions showed that the heat exchanger units had a safe remnant life of a further 10 years, enabling the capital purchase and replacement element to be avoided along with the associated disruption to production due to plant downtime.


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