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Boiler Tube Case Study

Posted in Environmental, Manufacturing, Process, Marine

Boiler tube failure could cost up to £70,000 per day

Axiom was asked to investigate a tube failure in an industrial boiler system that could have cost a client up to £70,000 per day in lost production time and revenues.

Over a period of 18 days and a cost to the client of £6500 the cause of the failure was identified as flow induced vibration within the system that had caused flaws in one of the boiler tubes and led to a serious tube failure.

After all design considerations and operating parameters were fully understood Axiom proposed a carefully designed anti-vibration plate assembly that fundamentally altered the natural frequency of the boiler tubes.

The effect of this was to remove all tubes from the critical zone of fatigue failure that was being caused by previously induced vibrations.

Application of the new vibration plates protected over 200 tubes in a situation where a single tube failure could take up to 5 days to repair.


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